ROUTINE MAINTENANCE SERVICE Filtration   units   and   swimming   pool   equipment   generally,   like   most   mechanical   equipment,   require   regular   maintenance   to ensure correct running and help eliminate breakdown. We can if required arrange for this work to be carried out on a regular basis. Two service visits a year is normally recommended to carry out works as per the following brief schedule.   MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE Filter Plant Strip down filter, skim sand beds and if necessary replace sand media completely. Alternatively, dismantle and acid wash diatomaceous earth filter septums. Re-assemble filter and clean and or if necessary replace lid, drum or internal seals. Check free operation of multiport valves and all gate and/or isolating valves. Check pump housing strainer baskets and clean out as necessary. Check pump impeller and remove any debris fouling the free operation of same. Check mechanical pump shaft seal and motor flange gasket and strainer box lid seal. Check free operation of automatic water levelling equipment where fitted. Check suction on all lines from pool to pump and also the return to pool.  Spring Visit To   prepare   plant   for   season   and   carry   out   the   works   as   per   the   schedule   above   including   refilling   the   boiler/heater   if required. Order Form  Autumn Visit To   prepare   filter   plant   for   periodic   use   during   winter   or   to   drain   plant   completely,   including   draining   the   boiler   or   heater   if necessary. Order Form   MAINTENANCE RATES Spring Recommission - 2022                                                                        Per Service (+VAT)  Area ‘A’                Within 10 miles of Chewton Mendip                                      £260.00  Area ‘B’                Within 10 - 30 miles of Chewton Mendip                               £320.00  Area ‘C’                Within 30 - 55  miles of Chewton Mendip                             £370.00   PARTS All   replacement   parts   and   consumable   items,   i.e.   seals,   filter   media,   boiler   parts,   etc.   will   be   charged   extra   over   the   above prices.  No allowance made for any additional repair items which may be found necessary as a result of the service works.  GENERAL REPAIRS Repair   and   servicing   required   to   motors,   pool   cleaners   or   any   solar   or   any   other   heating   equipment   will   be   charged   in addition, together with any subsequent visit to site which may be necessary to refit any item removed for repair. Should   our   engineer   be   asked   to   carry   out   any   works   on   the   site   in   connection   with   additional   items   such   as   cleaning   of pool or surrounds, removal and/or refitting of covers, etc. then this will be chargeable as an extra. We   should   be   pleased   to   clean   and   vacuum   the   pool   for   you   in   conjunction   with   our   Spring   service   visit   and   would   advise that the cost of this work including removal of any build up of leaves, would be £75.00  BREAKDOWN SERVICE Breakdown   service   can   be   supplied   to   all   customers   as   required   and   we   will   always   give   priority   to   our   customers   where we have previously carried out the annual servicing. Minimum Call Out Charge:-      £100.00 plus 0.80p per mile travelled Labour Charge:-                            £60.00 per hour plus 0.80p per mile  REGULAR POOL CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE We   do   provide   a   service   for   a   number   of   our   customers   for   a   weekly   or   fortnightly   checking   of   chemicals,   backwashing filter and pool vacuum, etc. Please enquire from us further if this is of interest.           Per Visit(+VAT)  Area ‘A’                            Within 10 miles of Chewton Mendip                                      £90.00  Area ‘B’                            Within 11– 30 miles of Chewton Mendip                               £105.00  Area ‘C’                            Within 31- 55  miles of Chewton Mendip                              £130.00   All the foregoing prices are subject to VAT. SUMMER COVERS If you require your old pool cover to be disposed of when a new one is supplied a charge of £45.00 will be made.   NB. All the above prices do not include VAT
Last updated 12/04/2022
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