Hellard   Brothers   Limited   was   formed   in   1956   but   has family   connections   going   back   to   the   1890s   on   the   same premises.    Swimming    pool    construction    began    in    1969 since   when   350   to   400   pools   have   been   completed,   spread over eight counties. We   design   and   build   outdoor   and   indoor   pools   with   various finishes   and   specifications.   Environmental   control   systems for   indoor   pools   are   designed   and   installed   by   our   own labour   force.   Other   construction   projects   are   also   within   our portfolio. We   also   undertake   refurbishment,   pool   maintenance   and upgrading   of   any   pool   equipment   and   a   comprehensive range   of   chemicals   are   available   for   collection   from   the premises or delivery by special arrangement.
Last updated 29/11/2012
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