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Brome Tablets

- 20 g tabs - For all types of pools - Destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi in the water - Helps eliminate algae and prevents its reappearance - Slow-dissolving without residue - Effective even with a high water pH and/or temperature - No contact: Glove included

5kg   -   £74.28                         

Maxi-Tablets 200g

Champion Large Chlorine Tablets are slow dissolving and suitable for use in both private pools and small school or hotel pools. 5kg      -    £43.92 25kg    -    £188.28

 Large Floating Dispenser


hth Maxitab Regular

- 200 g stabilised chlorine tabs - For all types of pools >20 m3 - Available chlorine content approximating 90 % - Permanent chlorination to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae in pool water - Slow-dissolving without residue - Suitable for all types of water, even very hard water - High stabilisation effect against the destructive action of sunlight UV rays - No contact: individual packets 5kg   -   £96.60
Last updated 12/04/2022
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