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hth Super Kleral (Long Life Algicide)

- Liquid - For all types of pools - Triple-action preventive anti-algae treatment:          1. Anti-algae 2. Anti-limescale 3. Anti-metal deposits - Ideal for hard and turbulent water - Effective whatever the pH of the treated water - Non-foaming - Copper sulphate-free -  Easy to use: Graduated container

3Lit   -   £49.20

hth Blackal Shock (Extra Strong Algicide)

- Liquid - For all types of pools, excluding PHMB - Destroys all types of algae, event the most resistant (mustard, black, pink, etc...)   and prevents their recurrence - Very high active substance content - Easy to use: Graduated container

1Lit   -  £34.20

hth Ultra Kleral (Ultra Concentrated Algicide) (Copper Free)

- Destroys algae and prevents their recurrence - Highly effective ultra-concentrate > 1Lit is equivalent to 3Lit of conventional algaecide. - Non-foaming when the recommended dosing quantities are observed - Algae prevention with long-term effect - When disolved, it is compatible with the disinfectants and other auxiliary products of the water plant in the swimming pool

1Lit   -  £25.08

ALGAE TREATMENT (Fi-Clor)  (Collection Only)

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