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Long Life Multi-Functional Algaecide  (Copper Free)

Fi-Clor Multi-Functional Algicde has 5 actions in one copper-free treatment Eliminates algae Protects the pool for a season Clarifies water Anti-stain Anti-scale

3Lit   -   £35.94

Long Life Extra Strong Algaecide

Fi-Clor Extra Strong Algicde, with copper, destroys the most resistant of algaes. Highly concentrated Long life formula Combats black & yellow/mustard algae

3Lit   -  £52.80

Ultra Concentrated Algaecide (Copper Free)

FI-Clor Ultra Concentrated Algicide helps prevent or treat algae. Dual action algicide and clarifier. Compatible with all sanitisers and filters. Highly concentrated Copper-free

1Lit   -  £21.72

ALGAE TREATMENT   (Collection Only)

Last updated 08/04/2018
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