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Hellard Brothers Ltd Pool    construction    and    maintenance    has been   the   mainstay   of   the   business   but   in recent   years   more   general   building   work and      renovation      projects      have      been successfully    undertaken.    Inevitably,    the high   quality   and   smooth   execution   of   the pool   projects   encouraged   clients   to   ask   us to       undertake       their       other       building requirements.    This    expanding    portfolio, backed     by     a     skilled     workforce,     has resulted   in   the   vibrant   company   that   we are today.
Construction We   are   not   only   able   to   construct   pools but   also   to   undertake   major   construction projects   such   as   that   shown   in   the   picture on   the   right.   This   shows   a   large   second floor     extension     to     this     beautiful     and significant period property.
Hellardbros building : renovation : leisure construction
Hellardbros building : renovation : leisure construction
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